Get expert help from a student who scored a 238 (85-86) their first time taking the CBSE


Personalized Study Plan 

The first thing that I do is create a personalized plan that fits your clinic schedule. I know how hard it is to study for the CBSE while also working as a D3/D4 at your dental school's clinic. This is the main thing that medical school based programs do not take into consideration. 

Dental School Adapted Anki

I then provide you with my step by step Anki guide and customize your Anki experience to fit the needs of a busy dental student. This is something that NO medical based study plan will do. I modify your Anki experience to make it doable, as I believe that Anki is the most valuable tool in destroying the CBSE. 

On-call 24/7 to Assist You

When you subscribe to my monthly service you will receive my phone number and are able to text me whenever you need with any questions that you may have. 

Weekly Check-Ins

Weekly progress sheets that you will fill out and submit at the end of every week. We will then touch base and make sure that you are going at the pace that you need be. The CBSE covers mountains of material, without someone helping you push through the material, you easily can fall behind just like most students who try to conquer this beast do. 

The #1 reason students who want to do OMFS do not end up applying or matching is because of a bad CBSE score.