The #1 reason students who want to do OMFS do not end up applying or matching is because of a bad CBSE score.
The Most Difficult Part of the CBSE is Knowing Where to Start. 



As OMFS residency admissions is becoming more and more competitive, programs are putting much more emphasis on your CBSE score. Get a personalized study plan from a student who scored a 237 (85) their first time taking the exam. 


Try us out by downloading our FREE OMFS CBSE Resource Guide HERE: OMFS CBSE Resource Guide


We are by your side during your entire study process. Walking you through, step by step, how to master Anki, what resources you should be using to dominate the exam and MUCH more. Head to our Services page to learn more about everything that we offer. 

  • Anki 101 

  • Lay out a personalized study plan adapted to your clinic schedule

  • Resource guide 

  • Always a text message away


I know how tough it is to sit down and begin studying for this beast of an exam. Stop spending hours searching up the web for study plans that are not personalized to oral and maxillofacial surgery applicants, and start using OMFS CBSE Consultant to get your dream score and match at your dream residency. 

I am NOT here to sell you a dream. I know how grueling it is to study for the exam. No matter how much guidance you have, you still need to put in the work to do well. Our job is to help you put in that work more efficiently, ensuring that you are taking advantage of the resources out there in the most efficient way possible. 

Justin B.
Score: 208

" Purchased the Anki package as I heard so much about Anki but had no idea how to use it. Was the biggest game changer in helping me jump from a 64 to a 72. 


Spencer T.
Score: 222

"The most stressful part about wanting to do OMFS is taking the CBSE and you helped make that process as smooth as possible."

Rebecca W.
Score: 217

"Loved working with OMFS CBSE Consultant. Helped design a personalized study plan for me from day 1 that helped me feel more comfortable with my studies. Felt very nice to not have to google things and read in a random forum for advice. Also had spent weeks and weeks trying to use Anki efficiently, which OMFS CBSE Consultant helped make easy"